Fin Whale (Balaenoptera physalus)

Fin Whale by tomp77
Fin Whale, a photo by tomp77 on Flickr.

So this is the first actual animal I am posting. It rained really hard today, otherwise I probably would have been outside looking for something, but a whale is a pretty exciting thing to share anyway.

I have seen whales on seven different occasions now – on whale-watching trips, on cruise ships and from standing on a Costa Rican beach! The species identified have been Minke, Humpback, Right, Beluga and Fin whales (plus some White-beaked Dolphins). This whale was part of about five different whales I saw along a stretch of water off Svalbard. It was probably one of the more exciting times I have seen a whale, because I was by myself at the front of the ship and was the only one who saw them. I had already spent hours standing outside in the Arctic winds, so seeing this certainly made it worth it!

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