Scorpion-fly by tomp77
Scorpion-fly, a photo by tomp77 on Flickr.

I saw several of these weird insects when I went for a work yesterday. I didn’t know what they were, and thought maybe they were some sort of nymph or something, because I found them all near to water. Someone identified the genus for me, but the exact species is probably impossible to determine from this picture.

I think it’s such an unusual insect to find. Partly this is because the big curled bit is its testicles. Luckily, someone thought it looked like a scorpion, rather than calling it the testicle-fly. But partly it’s unusual because I think too many people assume that England has ‘rubbish’ or ‘boring’ wildlife and I think that this is the opposite of that. It looks completely different and has some really cool colours on it.

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