Chestnut Mandibiled Toucan (Ramphastos ambiguus swainsonii)

Chestnut Mandibilled Toucan by tomp77
Chestnut Mandibilled Toucan, a photo by tomp77 on Flickr.

Apologies for the poor image quality on this. I took it with my old panasonic camera, which only had a 4x zoom and was not designed for photographing birds up trees.
I saw this Chestnut Mandibiled Toucan near Volcan Arenal in Costa Rica. I managed to obscure half the bird with a branch, so it’s difficult to appreciate the colours. I like this photo, because the toucan was the first ‘exotic’ wildife we saw in Costa Rica. We’d just left the city and had so far only seen some ducks. At the same time, there was something a bit anti-climatic about seeing it. Perhaps it’s because toucans are so often featured in books and media because they look interesting, but it almost just seemed like any other birds, sitting up a tree making noise.

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