Orbit Spider

Orbit Spider by tomp77
Orbit Spider, a photo by tomp77 on Flickr.

I haven’t been able to identify what species this actually is. The guides referred to it as an orbit spider, but that doesn’t seem to be recognised anywhere else.
This was one of several spiders, all living in webs on some sort of abandoned out-building. You can see how big it is on his hand. The guide had this technique of picking them straight off the web which he encouraged me to try. Unfortunately, I was not so good at this, and instead somehow tangled up the legs of the spider in the web – not the best outcome! It was also annoying because I really don’t like spiders with long legs, so just thinking about picking it up was challenge enough.

The webs they built were massive and really strong. If you bent it, it was more like metal than thread. This frog in a web shows how strong the webs can be!

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