Wildview Camera

For my 21st birthday, my friends bought me a Wildview camera, which is motion sensitive and infrared. I have put it outside in the front and back garden several times now and so far I have seen… several cats.

I am not sure why the camera is capturing so little. The front garden definitely gets a lot of wildlife at night-time. I had to get a coach at 4am the other week and when I left the house, there was a hedgehog on the lawn and something else ran under one of the bushes. We also get a lot of rabbits. So it is a bit of a disappointment that it is capturing something as mundane as the local pets. I have tried putting the camera at different heights, different angles and even putting some food in front of it, hoping that even a mouse might want to show itself. But no. Nothing.

It is not a problem with the camera (I don’t think), which is a Wildview Infrared Xtreme STC-TGLX8IR. The camera itself is surprisingly good, considering it cost £80. It has infrared, options for video or picture, cool-down times between captures and length of video/number of photos taken at a time. The photos are of a good quality for nightvision. The biggest problem has been with overexposure due to other light sources e.g. street lights causing bright patches as seen in the photo above. It has to be facing north or south as well, otherwise early morning shots can be distorted by the rising sun (or setting sun if in the evening). Overall, the camera is worth getting if you want to set up a camera trap.

Tomorrow I will begin living in London continuously and opportunities for capturing wildlife on the camera will become rare. Then again, I’m not exactly capturing anything now and there might be the odd urban fox sneaking around outside the flat. Moving to London also means that I will not have internet for a couple of weeks (because we didn’t organise utilities earlier) so it will go a bit quiet on here. But when I am back, I will be posting something about the parakeets on Hampstead Heath, which is about a ten minute jog from where I will be living. Until then, here is a video of a cat captured on my Wildview camera and two stills with reversed colours to better show the cat:

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