Capuchin Monkeys (Cebus capucinus)

I should probably post something about Capuchin monkeys seeing as they appear in the header photo for the site. I saw them when I was in Costa Rica in September 2011. They were the only primate I saw during the trip, although I did hear howler monkeys several times. I saw them in and around Manuel Antonio National Park, which is probably the most wildlife abundant place I have ever been. It was very touristy, with the paths full of people, but our guide was still stopping us every couple of metres to show us something we hadn’t yet seen.

Specifically, these are White Headed Capuchin Monkeys, although they were referred to by everyone simply as Capuchins. They were interesting to watch because they have those human characteristics which all primates seem to exhibit. Mostly, they seemed to play and were just like small kids having fun together. But they also showed maternal, caring behaviour, like this one on the right which is carrying it’s baby through the trees. I guess that really you can see these behaviours in most animals, but it becomes so much more apparent in primates because they physically act it out in very similar ways to us.

These are the only monkeys I have seen in the wild before. However I am hoping to go on a trip somewhere next April (thinking maybe Belize…) and hopefully I will see some other monkey species then. I also want to take some photos which really capture the expressions that the monkeys seem to have. For these photos I was using my old Panasonic camera which had a rubbish zoom so most of the photos were a really bad quality and failed to capture the expressions on their faces. I have put these two up because I think they are the best ones I have. I hope you enjoyed them!

P.S.   Seeing as new safaris will probably be few and far between from now on, and I have a wealth of other photos from Manuel Antonio National Park, I think that I will soon a write a post about my day there, with photos of the other animals I saw. I will get writing soon!


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3 Responses to Capuchin Monkeys (Cebus capucinus)

  1. Nice post! the look on his face (the monkey in the first picture) is so intense!

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