A Coot at Highgate Ponds


I took this photo today in Highgate Ponds, a network of ponds on Hampstead Heath. I saw the bird sat on something submerged under the water and I quite liked the effect it gave of it seeming to be standing on the surface of the water. So I quickly took a snap and then moved on. But once I had loaded it on to my laptop, I really loved it: the colours and texture of the water have come out so uniquely, with different shades and sparkles that did not exist at the time. I think the Coot itself was the perfect model, because the sharp contrast of black and white really stands out against the water. In technical terms, I don’t think it is a great photo, but the whole composition of it together is my favourite so far!

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Interested in wildlife and photography: https://amateurwildlife.wordpress.com/
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