Parakeets in London


The past month has been really busy with exams, revision and torrential rain, so opportunities to go out have been very few and far between! But I finally made it out today and I managed to get some photos of the Ring-necked Parakeets which live on Hampstead Heath and the surrounding area.


The parakeets seemed adamant that they were going to stay at the top of the tallest trees in the park so, despite the digital zoom on my camera, the pictures could be a lot better focussed and better quality. However, I am very pleased with the photo at the top because the branches around it are all out of focus. I also like the photo below because it captures how bright the green feathers are.


I have a lot more photos to share, because today I also visited Golders Hill Park Zoo and met a woman who hand-feeds the squirrels in the park. But I have exams on Monday which I really need to be revising for, so will share them in a couple of days!

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