Herons at Regent’s Park


The other day I took a series of photos of herons in Regent’s Park, London. They let me get really close and I really enjoyed watching them. I had not been so close to herons before, as normally I have seen them on the other side of a river or flying overhead. But this time they stood very still and I got to observe them quite closely. I had not realised before how ungainly a bird they are. I had always thought of them as quite tall and graceful birds, but they are really quite gawky.This translated really well in the photos. For instance, in the photo above, I think the legs of the herons are just like the fence at the top of the screen – black, spindly and a bit wonky.


I like the photo above because they look a bit like they are in some sort of hectic dance routine. The photo is also very limited in colours – mostly greys, white and black – with even the pigeon adhering to the colour scheme.

The photo below is my favourite out of the set:


It is my favourite for a couple of reasons. First, the grand buildings in the background seem such an abstract contrast to all the random birds in the foreground. Second, the birds are all caught in some sort of freeze-frame of unrelated activity, which I think makes it look quite surreal. Third, and finally, the snow seems to have a distorting effect on my perspective of the picture. I think that the birds, especially the pigeon, almost look photoshopped together in to the ensemble.

I really enjoyed taking these photos, with the herons being so lively and being able to get so close, and I am really pleased with the result. I think these are my favourite photos of birds I have taken, simply because of their randomness and bizarreness. I hope you enjoyed them as well!

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4 Responses to Herons at Regent’s Park

  1. Judy says:

    You liked one of my posts so I came over to visit. Wow, I cannot believe I am seeing these herons with their feet in the snow. I did not know that could happen!! I know the Ardea family of great herons is quite spread out but never considered seeing wading bird in a cold environment! Still marveling over that!! They are actually quite graceful in their movements..maybe their feet are just cold!! Yikes!!

    Lots of great pictures you have on this site..I do thank you for visiting mine too.

    • TomPh1991 says:

      The lake was frozen over, so I think they had nowhere to go! And yes, maybe it was too cold for them – I can see in your photos that they can be a lot more graceful! Thank you for having a look at my photos, I enjoyed yours as well 🙂

  2. Great pictures, I love the postures in the third one- Awesome catch!!!

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