Nearly a year…..

So I have failed to update this for nearly a year now. I have many an excuse lined up for this (in no particular order): doing 5 years of exams in the space of 9 months and failing a third of them, coming out to my parents, changing office location, subsequently moving twice in a couple of months, training for and completing a 300 mile charity bike ride, fundraising for the bike ride  and breaking my laptop. Plus, only being outside of the office when it is dark from October onwards meant no photos during the week, and weekends have been spent with domestic activities like cleaning the house and trying to fix a toilet handle. 


Things are now looking up. I have a back catalogue of photos from when I went on holiday to Nepal last year. I have recently joined the RSPB ( a UK nature charity which has reserves around the country) and am aiming to visit some of these reserves with my camera. I will be fitting this around retakes for the failed exams plus my job. 

So thanks for reading my excuses! Here is a photo of a monkey:


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2 Responses to Nearly a year…..

  1. lijiun says:

    May you be Well and Happy! Enjoy your life! Cheers!

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