Praying Monkey



This was taken at Swayambhunath in Kathmandu, Nepal, aka the Monkey Temple. I will do another post about this place at a later date, but for now here is a photo I am fond of. 

Throughout the temple complex, there are many shrines where people burn food and incense. There are also, as the name suggests, a lot of monkeys (specifically, Rhesus Macaques). I noticed a man putting food down and lighting a candle at the shrine in the photo. He then left and, seconds later, a monkey was on the scene, eating the food. I took a photo because it was a funny moment. Once I looked at the photo, I thought it was almost touching, because I think it looks like the monkey is itself making the offering at the shine. 

I like these moments, where a photos captures an animal taking on human characteristics. Frans Lanting’s series ‘Eye to Eye’ is one of my favourites for this reason. 

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