Roesel’s Bush Cricket (Metrioptera roeselii)

This is one of the first posts I did. I really like crickets. They make a cool sound and trying to catch them is pretty fun. I particularly like this species because of the colouring of the carapace. When I was a teenager I collected Warhammer 40k (little models you play a boardgame with) and the colour scheme I used for my race of choice (Tyrannids, for those who are interested) was very similar to this, with lots of black and lime-green. It definitely reminds me of some fond memories.


Roesel's Bush Cricket by tomp77
Roesel’s Bush Cricket, a photo by tomp77 on Flickr.

I had been looking out for this species of cricket since seeing it in an identification guide. The most interesting aspect of this cricket, I think, is the light green edging on the pronotum (a type of exoskeletal plate). Splashes of colour like this really change the animal slightly, making it look more exciting and perhaps a bit tropical. This cricket makes a loud, continuous noise, louder than other crickets.

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