I wish I was this elephant…


…Because then I would not have to revise for any exams. Unfortunately, I am not an elephant and I do have exams.

Actually, maybe being an elephant isn’t that great. Here is the baby again with their mum:


Notice the chain on the baby’s ankle? The elephant below also has a chain.


Yep, these elephants are definitely chained up.


This is the elephant breeding centre near Royal Chitwan National Park, in Nepal. For a small amount of money, you can gain admission to see the elephants and learn about the work done here. And yes, when you see the elephants they are chained to posts by one of their legs. There is something about it which seems cruel and generally not nice, but at the same time the centre does brilliant work. Not only are they helping increase the elephant population, they have created a dual relationship between park rangers and elephants, whereby rangers patrol the jungle on elephant-back, thus making humans in some way reliant on the elephants. This reduces pollution from other methods of transport, like jeeps, and elephants also disturb the wildlife a lot less when out on patrol than a loud engine. The elephants benefit by being looked after and being much safer from poachers. They are only chained when they are display for visitors and have grazing areas.

Admittedly, the elephants do seem to get the least out of this as individual animals. The rangers get a ride, the jungle animals get a quieter environment and the elephants get… guaranteed food? Maybe each elephant would ultimately be happier if they were just enjoying a normal elephant life in the jungle, even if it was cut short by a poacher. But the programme is so important for keeping the population maintained that perhaps it is ultimately worth it.

Personally, I think it is worth it. I don’t see it as ‘bad’ captivity because the elephants do get a lot out of it. But, as discussed, I am not elephant, so cannot know this for certain. 

Apologies for producing a short ramble on what is actually an important subject. But I have lots of revision to do and not enough time to do it.

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