Photo Safari

There is a lot of wildlife out there to see and I enjoy going for walks in parks and the country to try and take photos of what I can see. Below is a record of some of the ones I have done, mostly in Norfolk and London, but further down there are some from when I went to Costa Rica a couple of years ago.

Golders Hill Park Zoo – 9th December 2012 – Hampstead Heath, London

Birds of Hampstead Heath – 14th October 2012 – Hampstead Heath, London

Heath Safari – 7th September 2012 – Hampstead Heath, London

Last safari at home! – 4th September 2012 – Wymondham, Norfolk

Wildview Safari – various dates – Wymondham Norfolk

At home in Norfolk – 1st September 2012 – Wymondham, Norfolk

Manuel Antonio National Park – 11th September 2011 – Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Parque Natural Roca Dura – 7th September 2011 – La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Let me know what you think!

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