Praying Monkey



This was taken at Swayambhunath in Kathmandu, Nepal, aka the Monkey Temple. I will do another post about this place at a later date, but for now here is a photo I am fond of. 

Throughout the temple complex, there are many shrines where people burn food and incense. There are also, as the name suggests, a lot of monkeys (specifically, Rhesus Macaques). I noticed a man putting food down and lighting a candle at the shrine in the photo. He then left and, seconds later, a monkey was on the scene, eating the food. I took a photo because it was a funny moment. Once I looked at the photo, I thought it was almost touching, because I think it looks like the monkey is itself making the offering at the shine. 

I like these moments, where a photos captures an animal taking on human characteristics. Frans Lanting’s series ‘Eye to Eye’ is one of my favourites for this reason. 

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Nearly a year…..

So I have failed to update this for nearly a year now. I have many an excuse lined up for this (in no particular order): doing 5 years of exams in the space of 9 months and failing a third of them, coming out to my parents, changing office location, subsequently moving twice in a couple of months, training for and completing a 300 mile charity bike ride, fundraising for the bike ride  and breaking my laptop. Plus, only being outside of the office when it is dark from October onwards meant no photos during the week, and weekends have been spent with domestic activities like cleaning the house and trying to fix a toilet handle. 


Things are now looking up. I have a back catalogue of photos from when I went on holiday to Nepal last year. I have recently joined the RSPB ( a UK nature charity which has reserves around the country) and am aiming to visit some of these reserves with my camera. I will be fitting this around retakes for the failed exams plus my job. 

So thanks for reading my excuses! Here is a photo of a monkey:


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Hoverfly Close-up

I took this photo last summer. I zoomed the photo in too much when editing it, but I like the bright colours. Someone identified the species as Helophilus pendulus. The photo below is of the same hoverfly but taken from above. I prefer this one because the green background is completely our of focus, compared to the focussed purple.


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Diving Coot


I watched a coot diving at Hyde Park and tried to take photos to capture a good pose. I didn’t really manage that! But I found it interesting to watch how it dives and re-emerges. When it dives in to the water, it goes head first and slides in to the water. However, when it re-emerges, as in the photo below, it just bobs back up without streamlining it’s body, creating quite a lot of splash.

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Return of the Fox!

The fox I saw the other day made an appearance again tonight… and again I failed to get any good photos of it!



I didn’t want to get too close, because last time it ran away when I went close to it. So this time I spent a few minutes walking alongside it but at a distance. It eventually stopped paying attention to me and I tried taking some photos. Unfortunately, it was too dark to take any good photos. I had to wait until it went past streetlights to see it properly. The photo above was taken with the flash on, which I was worried about doing, but the fox didn’t even look up. 

The photo below has the fox posing exactly how I would like to capture it. Now I just need to get it in much, MUCH better quality!


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Double Vision

Double Vision

Tufted Ducks all look the same and never seem to have any individual quirks. I like how these two are lined up and facing the same angle.

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Fox outside the Flat


I have seen several foxes hanging around outside and I finally managed to get a photo of one! It is a bad photo, admittedly, but the fox was constantly on the move and kept moving off when I tried to get close. It was the first time I had seen one during the day and I wondered if  perhaps it was related to the snow having just melted.

I tried to get a photo of it looking through the bushes at me, but I couldn’t focus the camera properly in the fleeting glances it gave me. The best I got was this:Image

Hopefully it will be hanging around the flat again soon and I can try and get some better photos!

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